Access Your NICC Files From Home

(Revised 05/21/07)

An easy way to transfer files between NICC and home is to use NetDrive.

NetDrive is software that you can download from NICC to access your NICC network files from home. NetDrive lets you map drive letters on your home computer to NICC network drives so that the NICC data appears in your computer’s “Explorer” (or “My Computer”) as if it was located on your computer. (You must be running Windows 95 or NT 4.0 or greater and have an Internet connection active to use this software.)

HOW TO Download, Install, and Use NetDrive

  1. To download NetDrive, click here. You will see a screen like that shown below. (Note: This file is 2MB in size.)

    Alternative 1 – double-click the netdrive.exe and click the Save File button (Mozilla Firefox) or click the Save button (Internet Explorer). Save the file to a temporary location on your computer.

    From the temporary download location where you saved the file, double-click netdrive.exe to begin the install.

    Alternative 2 – If you have Internet Explorer you can double-click netdrive.exe. Rather than downloading the file prior to installing you can do the installation directly from the browser. To do this click the Open button rather than the Save button.

  1. You may be led through an installation Wizard: click on Next, accept the user agreement, and accept the defaults it offers as to installation location.

    Setting Up NetDrive to Connect to NICC.

  2. To start NetDrive, find NetDrive in Start | Programs | NetDrive.

  3. When you first start NetDrive, you will need to click the "New Site" button at the bottom left of the NetDrive window to configure a connection to NICC.

    Fill in the available fields as follows for Calmar: (

Fill the available fields as follows for Peosta: (

Then click the Finish button.

  1. Your settings should be as follows except for the difference in the URL between Calmar and Peosta. Use your own username not the one provided in this example. (Your username is the same username you use to log into the computers on campus)

  1. Click the Connect button to make a connection to NICC. (You must have Internet access in order to connect to NICC.)

  2. You will be asked to provide your password. (Your password is the same password you use to log into the computers on campus.)

    When you have successfully authenticated, you have a drive X: on your computer containing the contents of your NICC Home Directory with all the drive available to you on campus. Home@NICC is your H:/ drive. You can copy, paste, delete, rename, drag and drop, save, etc to and from that drive as you would any other drive on your computer. (Of course, the speed of access to the NICC files will be dramatically slower than on campus because you will be limited by the speed of your Internet connection.)

  1. To disconnect from your H: drive you will need to right-click Start | Explore | and go to your X: drive and right-click. Chose “Disconnect” from the menu.